22 March 2016

“There’s time for everything, and definitely an end to everything. Horna’s show next weekend will be the last one for me. I won’t bother writing some self-important statement or some gay name-dropping thanks list, but of course bow down in respect to the past and present members of the band, it made up a big part of my life, thanks for the last ten years!” – Vainaja

We are honored to have had his talent during all these years of madness and fully support his chosen path. In times of change things often happen on their own and from next week onward the responsibility for drum destruction will be in the hands of LRH.

Thank you Vainaja and welcome LRH!

Hengen Tulet

artwork by Pahapasi

out now on CD!! and lp (coming soon) courtesy of World Terror Committee.

Amadriada, opening song off the new album


Horna/Den Saakaldte – split EP,  Blut&Eisen

Horna/Demonic Christ split EP,  Hammer Of Hate


Horna – Acherontas

Horna side out now !! W.T.C

1.Ikuiseen Mustaan Uneen